Pastor's Picks - 2015 Primary Election


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WATCH: Test of Fire Video - Will you vote your values on Election Day?

Presented by Values Voters USA -- This video should be shown in every church and home group in Washington State. If you have any influence, please show it in your church, class, or home group once this summer and again in September and then again the last two weeks before the election. It is powerful and makes an excellent presentation.

Political Messages

  • America and Washington State - My Home?
  • Jesus: Hope of America
  • Freedom, Law, and American Independence
  • Christianity: Uplifting Force of Civilization
  • If the Ten Commandments are lost: Christianity as the essential strength of America
  • Should anyone be alarmed at this picture of the President and his cabinet praying? A defense of Christian influence in government.
  • My tribute to President Ronald Reagan on the occasion of the graduation of the class of 2004.
  • God bless America: Why Christians believe in America.
  • Church and State: American culture:Is it Christian?
  • Response to the attacks of 9-11
  • Church and State: Thoughts of an American Christian
  • Should we vote for them if we don't 100% agree?
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